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5 Top Tips for Veganuary

Many of us have considered trying a vegetarian or vegan diet, for a set amount of time and the thought alone has been enough for us to shy away. But, times are changing and with so much support and the knowledge you are contributing to something much greater than just your own eating habits during Veganuary, veganism and an attempt at that way of eating is on the rise.

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One of the trending health resolutions of 2018 is Veganuary, will you be giving it a go? Whether you have decided to do it for health reasons, to try and help our planet, save the animals or, just for the simple reason of seeing how you get on, you may face some challenges when you change your diet. Here are my top, go to tips to help you through the month.



Contacting other people trying veganuary, be that friends or others online who are attempting veganuary can be a great way to share your experience, whether that’s how easy you are finding the diet change or how difficult. Being able to talk to others, share recipe ideas or hear recommendations of great vegan restaurants, it will all contribute to your experience and sense of the vegan community.



Planning and deciding on what meals you are going to eat is a great way to remain on track. Creating a food routine, that is predicted well in advance can stop you from veering away from the vegan path. Having a good idea about what you will be eating will also mean you don’t feel uninspired when you reach the kitchen after a long day at work. You’ll have pre-planned a flavour full and nutritious meal, all you need to do is go and cook it!


Missing Your Favourite Dishes?

If all you’re dreaming of is your favourite mac ‘n’ cheese or beef burger, you can give in to those cravings with a vegan alternative which is sure to satisfy your longings! Give yourself the opportunity to cook up a storm. With delicious vegan cheese and a homemade vegetable patty, your dream burger will be with you in no time.



Just because you are attempting veganuary, doesn’t mean you should miss out on meals with friends or family in your favourite restaurants. Many, many places now have at least one vegan option on their menu and if you’re worried, phone ahead to make sure they have what you fancy, if not, why not try somewhere else? Indian restaurants are always a safe bet for vegans, with many of the dishes completely animal-free.


Find Alternatives You Love

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re missing out, it just means your favourites are slightly different to other peoples. There is an abundance of substitute products, so, if you like a little milk in your hot drinks, or something to pour over your cereal in the mornings, give some of the non-diary, meat-frees ago. With so much choice in the market, from almond, oat and cashew to hemp, coconut and rice you are sure to find one that you like!


Have you got any top veganuary tips to share with me? I would love to hear about them via my social media channels – get in touch!

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