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6 of My Favourite Up and Coming Bloggers

With the never-ending rise in bloggers, it can often be a challenge deciding who to keep up with amongst an open-ocean of posts. If this sounds like one of your struggles, then this is the feature for you as I’ll be outlining just six of my favourite up and coming bloggers and what their sites are about.

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Sport Fort – Sport, fitness and healthy eating

Although I’m not the sportiest of people, it’s great to keep up with Mikey’s fitness adventures, old and new. With alternative exercise, diet tips and updates on his personal fitness journey, it does occasionally encourage me to get out of my chair, which is quite a feat! Take a look at it here.


Sticks and the City – UK Travel

Monica is the brains behind Sticks and the City, and many of her blogs feature the adventures she has had the opportunity to enjoy here in the UK. I love keeping updated on her posts, as she is mostly a solo traveller. She offers tips of things to consider, how she embraces being a tourist in her own country and accounts of her UK expeditions! With so much beauty and fantastic attractions on our doorstep, it is a shame not to explore it a little further. Monica inspires me to discover some of the incredible destinations in the UK from the highlights of the stunning coastline we are blessed with to the vibrant city breaks. It’s a great all-rounder.


The Only Way is Pup – All Things Dogs

For all things dogs, the Only Way is Pup is where I head! Like most people, I am a complete sucker for an animal video. Mixing wit with topical subjects, the occasional hilarious GIF and numerous images of gorgeous dogs, Annie’s blog, the Only Way is Pup, is a win-win. Give her a follow!


Go Plug Yourself – Film and Television

For recommendations and trustworthy reviews of films and TV series, past and present, this blog is the saviour. A broad range of genres are covered, so whichever program or movie has taken your fancy, head over to the site and see what Ellie has to say about it. It’s not just watch-list suggestions and binge-worthy series, there are fun quizzes, polls and surveys too! Check it out here.


Continental Connoisseur – Travel and Lifestyle

Chloe lives in Devon but spends much of her time travelling and writing about the incredible places she has visited, as well as the destinations she wants to visit in the future. Her blog has an honest feel to it, without pretence and this comes across even more so in her lifestyle pieces. She’s happy to give things ago and share with her readers how it went. Her weight loss journey is an inspiration and rings true for so many people who have come across a challenge in their lives! One of my favourite of her pieces is about her vegan journey, although she is not fully committed to that diet, she gave it a good go.


Culture and Couture – Travel, Fashion and Beauty

Dedicated to sustainable fashion and all things make-up, Shannon from Culture and Couture shares with her readers her holy grail products, beauty reviews and her irrepressible love for spectrum brushes. With brains behind beauty, she also delves into her discoveries and learnings from her degree in fashion, where she covers a range of topics from the industry, focusing mainly on the sustainability.


The Summer View – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

Jess graduated with a fashion journalism degree and has put her years at university to good use, working full time as a content creator and updating her personal blog frequently with beauty and fashion tips as well as an insight into her lifestyle, or the lifestyle she aspires to, it makes for a great read. Take a look here.


What are your go-to blogs? I would love to take a look at them – share some with me via my socials!

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