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A Christmas present and a Christmas tree.

7 Gifts for Food Lovers This Christmas

For your food-obsessed friends, I’ve found and put together a list of some of the best gift ideas for a special Christmas gift! Treat your loved ones who serve the incredible kitchen creations to some new gadgets or a foodie gift.

A Christmas present and a Christmas tree.

Travel Mug

For the coffee connoisseurs amongst your friends and family, a travel mug may be the perfect present. They’ll be able to grind their home-beans and make the perfect pour from the comfort of their own kitchen and take their delicious efforts out on the road with them. Travel coffee mugs come with a range of designs and shapes, so it will be no problem finding one that suits their style or tastes!


Cheese and Knife Board

Who doesn’t like cheese and wine after a meal with friends or family at Christmas? Your loved ones will be able to make the experience even more enjoyable with a cheese and knife board. Wooden cheese boards often come with a concealed compartment which houses a selection of cheese knives, suitable for different textures.


Oils and Vinegar

If your loved ones are the type to have sauce shamelessly drenched on everything they eat, they are guaranteed to enjoy a gift of oils and dressings. Think outside the box here and head to your local market. There is a whole world of oils that are much more interesting than the typical balsamic or chilli oil. For something a little different, try pomegranate or fig vinegar or a mint-infused oil.


Cookery Book

Most of the famous chefs release their new cookery books in the Autumn, which is just in time for Christmas! Find out your friends or families favourite celebrity chef and treat them to a new addition with their cookery book! Make the creation of culinary delights begin!


Oven Mitts and Aprons

Oven mitts and aprons are items of kitchen equipment that often need replacing. Whether they get burnt beyond use or one too many sticky hands have been wiped on the apron. And sometimes, it just nice to have a spare set or two for when the others are in the wash. So, matching oven mitts and an apron is never a bad gift and will always be well received!


Herb Seeds

Fresh herbs and spices can take a dish to a whole new level, they bring vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours. Although winter isn’t the season to be planting the seeds, it’s always handy to have some on the shelf for when the seasons change and you’re feeling green fingered. Basil, mint, oregano, thyme and many other herbs grow exceptionally well in the UK and not only will they brighten the dishes, they’ll also brighten the garden too!


Dinner Out

Even the most passionate cook can appreciate being wined and dined in a restaurant that serves mouth-watering meals! Find out where their favourite restaurant is and pick them up some vouchers. That way, when they don’t feel like cooking, they’ll have their vouchers and they can treat themselves to a delicious meal.


Have you thought about what you’ll be buying for your foodie friends and family? Let me know via my social media channels! I would love to hear your ideas!

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