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The Innovative Food & Drink App – Wriggle

Discovering independent food and drink outlets just got easier, with the help of Bristol-based food app – Wriggle.


The app offers a guide to some of the greatest independent food and drink outlets in certain cities in the UK. The eateries included on the app have been hand-selected and only the best of the best will feature. This doesn’t mean unthinkable prices, but it does mean high-quality food at an affordable cost.


Currently, the app covers three major cities in the UK, Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff, with the hope of reaching more locations in future years.


The driving forces behind the app claim its strives to be the ‘Fairy Grubmother’ of the cities, ensuring visitors and locals get to experience some of the best culinary offers in that location. As places that they might not have previously been aware of, the outlets featuring on the app are some of the best-kept foodie secrets.


Each restaurant, bar, pub and café has been carefully chosen before being presented and recommended on Wriggle, ensuring that the user gets the best experience possible. Fantastic food and atmospheres are not the only benefit users gain, as wherever Wriggle advises you to visit, a special offer/deal is provided, exclusive to Wriggle users.


You won’t be recommended the standard on the app, with corporate companies and chains strictly being avoided, there will be a place you can really relax and enjoy!


The founders state on the website that Wriggle offers eateries with ‘something more interesting, something better priced, something hidden away…. Strictly high-quality independent establishments, the types that don’t usually do offers’.


I can’t wait to try out the app when I am next in the cities and I am looking forward to seeing it develop, grow and reach more locations. It provides something truly unique and is something I will constantly use on my food journey around the South West. Have you used Wriggle before? I would love to hear about your experience with the app via my social media channels!

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