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Thinking Out Loud About Food – What Inspires Me to Write

For my first post, I thought I would share with you all a little bit about myself and my inspiration for starting this blog. I love to explore new places, meet new people and most of all, try all the delicious food and drinks along the way! I’ll be thinking out loud about my love affair with food, and I hope you’ll join me on my journey.


When I was younger, my family and I would regularly holiday in the South West, and it was during these times that I fell in love with the area. The incredible coastline, idyllic postcard villages and the stunning National Parks have me feeling grateful for the area and that I get the chance to explore it. We’d pack our bags, load the car to the brim and head someplace new. Some of my favourite locations then, and still today, are St. Ives in Cornwall, Lynton and Lynmouth in Devon and the Purbeck Heritage Coast in Dorset. I could visit these places a million times, yet each time see something new and be amazed by the breath-taking beauty.


St. Ives Cornwall



In my opinion, spending a night in with your friends, enjoy delicious foods and catching up, is one of my favourite things to do. To see them laughing, chatting and having a good time with a full belly leaves me feeling content. I get so excited when this type of activity is scheduled into my diary. I get to think about the dishes I might like to make, whether it’s a classic casserole or something completely new and best of all, I get to cook them all a tasty supper and enjoy their company.


Jamie Oliver

He’s not for everybody, but since a young age I have admired and aspired to the passion and talent that Jamie Oliver has about food. Not only food but guiding people towards healthy meals, using fresh ingredients, that are homemade and good for you, with the odd sweet treat thrown in along the way. The rusticity of his dishes sings so true to real life, rushing to get dinner on the table after work or packing a sandwich for your work packed lunch before you go to bed. His food is honest, achievable and tasty, all the best things.



During the day, I work with several food-related clients, from all over the UK. Working with them gives me the chance to learn even more about the incredible variety of foods, drinks and what we do with them, so much that I feel I need to share my findings with you!


bowl of casserole


What is it about trying new foods or eating at different restaurants that excites you? Do you have any foodie inspiration? Let me know via my social media channels!

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